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Fox Chapel

The previous home owner left the furniture in the living room when the house was purchased. The new home owners waited a few years before they decided to renovate. The original carpet was a dated Kelly green and the walls, window treatments, furniture and end tables were white.

The first priority was adding color to the already stunning architectural details which became not existence with no contrast. Adding three colors and two hand painted feature walls brought the details to everyone's attention making special note of the foyer ceiling as an example of the change.

While every project takes on a theme or look this one is no exception. The X pattern is visible in the sheer draperies, lamp base and chair fabric. Furniture was made to order in a soft, comfortable fabric that helped achieve look of casual elegance.

Enter the 60's built in garden dividers filled with plastic Christmas floral (but of course). Removed floral immediately and paint the worn wood trim surrounding the planters a high gloss black. Ordered hand painted & glittered branches in wall colors and inset them in a vertical position in styrofoam at base of planters.

Grounded the room with a Brazilian hardwood floor and an 8' round rug in the living room to soften the angles of the room.

A Work of Art Fireplace-Specialty Painting